...I knew that God had placed them there as warring angels...who believed in God and loved him enough
to give their lives to his service.
-- The Awakening Heart by Betty J. Eadie, p. 88
 September, 2005 W.A.V.E.S. Newsletter Fall Edition 
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Accepted as They Are:
A Gathering Memoir
by Andrea Aschenbrenner
I believe that anyone who has at least a shred of love in his or her heart must be spiritually moved in some way by attending the WAVES Gatherings. The wealth of love experienced by just being there is enough in itself, and I find Betty's spiritual teaching both instructional and challenging to the individual spirit. The wonderful thing is that not only are all accepted as they are and where they are in their spiritual understanding and growth, but Betty repeatedly lets us know that she wants us to only accept what is right according to our own individual perspective. She does not try to push anything on anyone. Also, I have felt that this is the same accepting attitude from each individual who attends. I greatly appreciated getting together with others just to talk in the Hospitality Room or at other times during the day. The feelings of peace, love, and friendship pervaded the entire weekend. I know that the blessings from this event will flow out to bless all!

P.S. Also attending the weekend as entertainment were mallard ducks, various birds, and a proud goose that could be viewed outside from the deck facing a small lake. Watching them compete for treats or simply rest or swim was a pleasant break from our weekend activities.

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