...I knew that God had placed them there as warring angels...who believed in God and loved him enough
to give their lives to his service.
-- The Awakening Heart by Betty J. Eadie, p. 88
 September, 2005 W.A.V.E.S. Newsletter Fall Edition 
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Comments from Sacramento

On the last day of the WAVES Convention in Sacramento, WAVES were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their experience at the WAVES Gathering. Here are some general highlights from the feedback received by the Planning Team.

~ 92% of WAVES respondents had their expectations met at the Gathering, with the majority of these folks noting that their expectations were exceeded.

~ 80% of WAVES noted that they were happy with the hotel chosen for the event.

~ 75% of WAVES indicated that they loved the WAVES Silent Auction and would definitely like to see this again at the next WAVES Convention. (More than $500 was raised at the auction to be used toward future WAVES Gatherings.)

~ When asked about their top 5 highlights of the Convention, WAVES listed these favorite aspects of the Gathering (in order of most frequent mentions):

Betty’s speaking and teaching throughout the weekend
Praying for others as a group/Prayer Circle
The music (which was all performed by WAVES’ volunteers), and
Meeting and getting to know other WAVES

~ Also mentioned by several WAVES as highlights were:

Friday night’s public event
Meeting with other WAVES and sharing stories in the hospitality suite, and
The WAVES Silent Auction

~ And most telling of all the Convention feedback perhaps -- a full 92% of WAVES said they would definitely attend the next Convention, if their schedule and budget allow.

Here are some specific comments WAVES had about this year’s Convention in Sacramento:

“My heart has been filled.” ~ Jen

“I loved the informality and the chance to know each other so well.” ~ Marianne

(On co-leading the WAVES’ music group at the Gathering…) “Could this please be my full-time job?” ~ Jim

“I needed to be around positive, loving energy. Thank you. I am proud to be a WAVE!” ~ Geraldine

“I learned so much, and felt that we had so much valuable time together (listening to Betty and praying together as a group).” ~ Kristen

“A very good, learning weekend. I enjoyed my time spent at the Convention, meeting Betty & her family and WAVES.” ~ Milly

“Everything was great!” ~ Sharon

“It brought me closer to Jesus.” ~ Christopher

“It felt like a mini retreat, learning God’s unconditional love.” ~ Cecilia

“Filled with love, as emanated by Betty’s example.” ~ Tom R.

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