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Do What You Can...Then Do More

      Dearest Friends,

      It doesn't take much to be a 'little' prepared – something – anything . . . is better than nothing at all! Even so, let's lean on the side of wisdom and at least have our 72 hr. kits put together, then add one for your car, work on storing some water and then I hope what is available on my site will help you do more! There is preparedness information all over the internet today and I have gathered a few resources to help you get started if you haven't already done so.

      What an exciting time we live! Though we often feel powers of darkness gathering their forces to interrupt the good in our lives—likewise—the heavenly powers of light and good also are gathering forces to bless and heal our world.

      We, as the human race, must begin to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually for the inevitability of earth changes. Once they begin, they will come quickly. We have already witnessed many natural disasters and man-made disasters and accidents. These result because of our world's fallen condition and its negative energy. During my near-death experience, I was told that we have all but destroyed the healing energies we have as care-takers of our planet and of one another. God is love and we have allowed our own love to adulterate, contaminate and deteriorate. As a result, hearts turned away from God create negative choices that work against the sacred nature and purpose of our earth.

      Even so, I was also told during my NDE that it is not too late. We can still change and reinstate the healing of our world if we but have the will for the difficult and far-reaching choices necessary to do so. A Great Awakening has begun in our world! People are hungry for answers and yearn for meaning in their lives. We are ready for God's message of love, and one of our missions on earth is to grow in the spirit by sharing that love with others—and this begins in our families—through our physical and spiritual preparedness.

      Yes, many changes are happening with mankind and the world in which we live. To better know the ways of our Heavenly Father is to live in truth outside of fear. The Bible says that, "in those days, man's hearts will fail them because of fear." Yet, we will not fear as we place our trust in God who is our source of all that is good. Fear is the opposite of God because God is love! And as we seek our Heavenly Father's direction for ourselves and for our families, he will guide us to what we each need to prepare for what lies ahead. However, to have this precious peace of mind, we must do our part! Like faith without works is dead, so are good intentions of being prepared without taking action. Just as genuine Faith propels us to take action, so must we use that momentum in taking prayerful action toward our own Preparedness needs and those of our families and loved ones dear.

      Why do I care about Preparedness so much? Because I have met so many wonderful people over the years and I want them and you, my dear readers, to have what you need when challenges and calamities befall you. I talk about preparedness because I was shown many awful things that could happen to our world during my visit to heaven, and I want all my loved ones, including you, to be ready and prepared for anything that might come. I like how Stephen King put it, "There's no harm in hoping for the best as long as you're prepared for the worst."

      I've often said that if you cannot prepare as you would like—then prepare how you can! It is always better to have something ready than nothing at all. Do a little—do what you can—and then do more!

      My love and prayers are with you,



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