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Ripple News

...true stories about people creating positive ripples in others' lives.

     “Letting our light shine, letting our love and truth emanate to as many people as possible,is a mission given to each of us. Allowing our goodness to ripple into the lives of others will not only bring us closer to the divine, it will create the spiritual Awakening of the world.”—The Ripple Effect, p. xvi

The Teacher Who Won't Quit

Catherine Beck of Chicago was selected to receive the Franklin H. Williams Award, which recognizes the outstanding community service of African Americans who have served as Peace Corps volunteers.

Catherine Beck decided after 30 years of teaching in the Chicago Public School system that she wanted to see the world. Inspired by her mother and Miss Lillian Carter, who became a Peace Corps Volunteer in her late sixties, Ms. Beck joined the Peace Corps at the age of 61 and left for Sierra Leone in 1989. Her two years of teaching school children in this African nation had such an impact on her that she signed up once more. This time, at age 66, she used her altruism and love of learning to serve another two years as a teacher in the eastern Caribbean nation of Grenada. During both overseas assignments, her 30 years of experience as an educator proved to be invaluable. She consulted in curriculum development, lesson plan creation, and teaching techniques. Ms. Beck has been an inspiration to many people in her lifetime and is a living example of the saying, "Life is what you make it." Ms. Beck inspired thousands of viewers who tuned in to watch and listen to her amazing stories when she appeared on a recent CBS morning news show. She has been featured in numerous articles for her work in international education and most recently the Chicago Sun Times featured her in an article entitled, "Retirees Shoulder the Job of Creating a Better World." An alumna of Roosevelt University, Ms. Beck is a member of various community boards. At the age of 72, Ms. Beck does not believe that her travel agenda is complete. She has recently applied to the Peace Corps for her third assignment. She is hoping to go to South Africa this time.


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