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Ripple News

...true stories about people creating positive ripples in others' lives.

     “Letting our light shine, letting our love and truth emanate to as many people as possible,is a mission given to each of us. Allowing our goodness to ripple into the lives of others will not only bring us closer to the divine, it will create the spiritual Awakening of the world.”—The Ripple Effect, p. xvi

Random Acts of Kindness

Being kind to others does not require an official sponsoring organization, but one organization has wonderfully promoted kindness as a way of life: The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

"The mission of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is to provide inspiration, leadership, practical materials and programmatic support to the rapidly growing Kindness Movement around the World. Our goal is to promote and publicize in any way possible, the extraordinary power and importance of simple human kindness. Our belief is that by encouraging and inspiring people to bring more kindness into the world through their daily words and actions, we can profoundly affect the way we treat each other and ultimately make this world a kinder place."

One way the foundation has delivered its message is through books and other products which share real stories about acts of kindness. In the book Random Acts of Kindness, by Conari Press, Daphne Rose Kingma defines random acts of kindness as "those sweet or lovely things we do for no reason except that, momentarily, the best of our humanity has sprung into full bloom...... you are doing not what life requires of you, but what the best of your human soul invites you to do."

You can visit their website to learn more and to submit your own story.

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Here are some acts of kindness stories from another website reporting kindnesses done by school children. Just reading them brings a smile....

  • MaryBeth, 11 from NY MaryBeth helped an elderly neighbor, without being asked, by bringing her the newspaper and shoveling the snow off her steps and doorway. She also did not accept money for doing this.
  • Justin, 10 from NJ Every day, I go to my neighbors house who is a senior citizen and help shovel snow, clean bird feeders of offer friendship.
  • Stepanie, 7 from NJ Over the summer, I made necklaces for the people in the hospital. I got a Shriner clown trophy for doing this. I was the only little kid involved.
  • Ryann, 10 from IL On the way home from school, Ryann saw a child hurt in the snow. She stopped and helped the younger child with her injuries and get home.
  • Devon, 8 from WI Some kids had put a sign on a boy's back and thought it was funny. I took the sign off his back.
  • Jamie, 13 from VI Helped someone up who fell down the stairs when everyone else was laughing.
  • Jenny, 9 from OR I played with somebody that did not have anybody to play with.
  • Kelcie, 9 from OR My baby sister was in the car and she was cold, I covered her up and snuggled her.
  • Sophia, 14 from NY My mom worked the overnight shift so to help out I cleaned the kitchen, dining room and living room so that my mom wouldn't have to do it when she got home from work
  • Brittany, 12 from AZ I sat with a boy that people don't like and he had no money for lunch so I gave him some. I told him it was a gift and he didn't need to pay it back.
  • Violet, 12 from SD Violet was at the mall where she won a stuffed toy out of a machine. A little girl came over to her and wanted to play as well, but her mother told her she could not. The small girl cried, and Violet gave her the toy she had just won.
  • Mrs. Hogan's class, 12 from AZ We made sympathy cards for one of the teachers whose father had passed away.
  • Dustin, 12 from WA I took the last weekend and Martin Luther King Day, to geed the homeless. We made 250 lunches and then we went to Seattle and passed one out to everyone in less than 20 minutes.
  • SM, 9 from NJ I helped my neighbor, who is 89, clean up his yard.
  • Katie, 10 from AZ I noticed that a third grader was not getting a turn at a game of "bar tag," so I let him cut ahead of me to make sure he did.
  • Andy, 7 from AL It was raining when students were going to PE. Andy took his jacket off and put it over a girl's head because she did not have a coat. He then just gave her the coat and he continued walking in the rain,
  • Jenna Cohn, 13 from NJ There was a little in her neighborhood who was to young to go sledding. She took her out and helped her sled.
  • Jessica, 9 from NY Shouveling drivway for neighbor that is unabel to clear his own driveway himself.
  • Sammie, 10 from Ca I helped my neighbor because she is ill. I went to the store to get her milk. After I got back I got her mail and I fed her cats It made my mom proud of me. My neghbor was happy, and I felt proud of myself.
  • Rachel, 5 from AZ Rachel made a get well card for a classmate who was sick and missed several days of school.
  • Abdul, 11 from CA I donated my mountain bike to the poor.
  • Jericha, 11 from NM My friends and I had $5 and were going to the gas station to buy some candy. We saw a homeless lady with two kids and we decided to give them the $5. She went into the store and came out with hot dogs for the kids. We felt really good about helping them eat.
  • Drew, 5 from IL Baked 100 snickerdoodle cookies for people in a nursing home, since many of them used to bake cookies for their families.
  • Jamie, 13 from NJ I sat with a girl at lunch and talked to her. No one likes her and everyone else was trying to get away from her, so I stayed with her so she would have a friend.
  • Torey, 10 from MI I helped a new kid feel more comfortable by showing him around the school and playground.
  • Hillary, 11 from CA on Friday, an old lady I know had foot surgery and I asked her if she would llike help taking care of her animals so she didn't have to get up. I took care of her bunny, dog and three rats.
  • Mikaela, 8 from WA I planted grass and made it a better place for my friends to play.
  • Ryan, 10 from RI There is a WWII memorial near my house. I noticed there was a lot of litter around it so I went and picked up the trash.
  • I am a fifth grader at Linwood Holton Elementary School. Today I helped a classmate learn a poem. I also helped her during lunchtime to carry her tray to the table. I enjoy helping others.
  • Bobby, 12 from CT Bobby pitched in his allowance to help buy a dog for his neighbor who had recently lost her pet. He thought it would be a nice thing to do because she seemed so sad.
  • Shannon, 13 from OH This kid has no friends and this other kid was making fun of him about having no friends. I stood up for that kid who has no friends and told that mean kid to be quiet. The picked on kid is now one of my friends.
  • Alex, 8 from IL One day it was really slick outside when Alex was coming to school. A kindergartner was trying to get into the building, but kept falling down on the slick concrete. Alex took the boy's hand and helped him get into the building without falling down again.
  • Kristen, 13 from ME Opened a door for a woman at the mall because she was struggling to do it with children in her hands.
  • Christopher, 9 from MA I was at a Cub Scout meeting and a fellow Cub Scout was nervous because his parents were not there. I put my arm around him and lead him over to the group. I try to make him laugh and feel that he was part of the group.


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