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Ripple News

...true stories about people creating positive ripples in others' lives.

“Letting our light shine,
letting our love and truth emanate
to as many people as possible,
is a mission given to each of us.

Allowing our goodness to ripple into the lives of others
will not only bring us closer to the divine,
it will create the spiritual Awakening of the world.”

—The Ripple Effect, p. xvi

A rare disease can't stop one young
woman's commitment to serve others in need.

A mother who lost a son to "copy-cat" violence
has founded an effort to help kids build more positive lives.

Trips for Kids
Sharing her love of mountain biking gives
5,000 disadvantaged kids a leg up on life.

A fresh alternative to bad news, "HeroicStories™"
sends true stories of everyday heroes to you by email.

Carol's Ripple
One of our friends at this site shares
her true story about love and its ripple.

Nurses For Newborns
Nurse volunteers go into homes of teenage moms to teach heatlthcare and parenting skills one-on-one.

Everyday Hero
A 14-year-old student stands up to
a cafeteria shooter and saves others from harm.

The Selfless Shusters
Four brothers devote their free time helping handicapped
swimmers prepare for Special Olympics.

Police Chaplains
Risking it all to bring faith to the streets.

Tinker Cooper's FAD
A mother's loss enkindles a compassionate
struggle against drug-addiction.

Miracle on 31st Street
Christmas in Tucson is made special
by one man's efforts to bring cheer
to the children of his neighborhood.

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