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  "Embraced By The Light" - A Brief Retelling



  Sample chapter - "Embraced By The Light"

  Foreign translations, information and book covers

  Dr. Melvin Morse's Foreword to "Embraced By The Light"

The Awakening Heart

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  Embraced By The Light - The Musical Journey
Commissioned and owned by me, produced by Gold Leaf Press, composed, arranged and directed by Stan Zenk and Bryce Nuebert.

Other Products Produced by Betty

  The Soul's Remembrance, by Roy Mills
Fascinating memories of heaven from before birth.

  The Adventures of Caterpillar Jones, by J.J. Brothers
Teaches children and adults about death's transformation.


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Add a prayer request, or pray for those in need.

Come sign my guestbook and read notes left by other visitors.

Pages devoted to volunteer efforts in sending ripples of God's love out to others and holding our world and those in need in prayer.

  EBTL Study Forums
Where we study my books together to gain greater understanding of our Heavenly Father and the after-life with him.

  Acts of Kindness
Share your story of a kind act, either of your own or another, and the positive ripples created.

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Join our vibrant and loving "Embraced Family". Share insights, praise reports and prayers.




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  Previous Articles
My previous home page notes.

  Acts of Kindness Archives
In sharing kind deeds, positive thought is passed along, and by its mere existence, makes a difference in our world.

  God's Tiny Miracles
Readers share surprising and sometimes tiny ways God has blessed their lives.

  Ripple News
True news stories about people who have made a difference in someone else's life.

  Thank You for Your Letters
Letters from readers to me.

Current issue of my e-Newsletter sent to my email subscribers.

  Heavenly Encounters
True accounts of heavenly visits and connections with departed loved ones.

Writings and projects regarding Native American spirituality.

  Readers Ask Betty
Questions and Answers from my home page.

  Favorite Quotes
Various quotations from all my books.


Collected Articles

  Loving Memory of Joseph L. Eadie
My tribute to my "rock" and loving husband Joe.

  Betty Visits Columbus
Pastor Yusef T. Weston welcomes my visit to the AASAC Community Church in Columbus, Ohio.

  Visit to Ground Zero
I share my own experience of the people on the streets and at the fence of Ground Zero in New York.

  Journey to Death Row
My journey to help a Texas prison inmate prepare for his execution.

  Coast-to-Coast Transcripts
My appearance on Coast-to-Coast AM, January 2004, with George Noory.

  Honoring Christin Cosby
My tribute to a special young woman

  Mothers Tribute
My tribute to mothers, "Celebrating Motherhood" and Mother's Prayers.

  Terrorism: Our Wake-Up Call
My address on our call to action amidst the tragedies of these troubled times.

Collected Archives

  Christmas Calender
Pictures and uplifting messages from me.

  Ten Year Event Photos  
Embraced By The Light Ten Year Anniversary in 2002.

  W.A.V.E.S Newsletter Archives  
Previous editions of the WAVES Newsletter.

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Previous issues of my e-Newsletter.




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