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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Coast to Coast AM,
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GEORGE: Top of the hour, my guest, Betty Eadie. She died once, and that happened following routine surgery, and she came back with a message. We'll find out what that message is right here...

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GEORGE: After a near-death experience -- we call them NDE's -- that followed routine surgery, Betty Eadie survived, returned with a message. That message we will discuss in a moment.

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Betty Eadie was born in rural Nebraska, and spent her early childhood on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. In 1973, November, at the age of 31, Betty died following routine surgery. After undergoing what has been called the most profound and detailed near-death experience ever recorded, she returned with a life-changing message. Enlightened by her experience, Betty studied psychology and the human response to death. She also participated in a near-death study with a local university. She then entered one of the largest schools of hypnosis, graduating at the top of her class, and opened a clinic to continue her examination of the subconscious mind and its connection, if any, to the near-death experience. Today, after more than twenty-five years of NDE studies, Betty J. Eadie continues her quest by collecting and evaluating thousands of near-death accounts. Welcome to Coast to Coast.

Hello, Betty. How are you?

BETTY: Well thank you, George. I am... I am wonderful. Thank you.

GEORGE: My pleasure. Tell me a little bit about the 1973 surgery. What -- if you can, if I'm not getting too personal -- what did you go in for, and then just, what happened?

BETTY: I went in for a partial hysterectomy, which is not... well, it isn't the type of surgery you would expect to die from...

GEORGE: No, not at all.

BETTY: But I was 31 years old, in good health, and everything looked pretty good, so my husband and I decided that I would go ahead and have the surgery. During the surgery I hemorrhaged... they were able to repair that, but later that evening, I hemorrhaged again. And it was around 9:30, because I recall looking at the clock and... I was very frightened about having the surgery because I was a mother... of course, I had seven children at that time, but never had I ever had surgery. But I was frightened of death because of the fear that was instilled in me from childhood...

GEORGE: Oh sure. Yeah.

BETTY: that I thought that if I died I would go straight to hell. So this experience was nothing that I had ever read about or heard about, and in 1973, nothing... well, near-death experiences... that phrase had not yet been coined. So, when I felt my body -- I had napped, and I woke up at 9:30, and I felt my body shutting down, literally dying -- I was very frightened. And I tried to ring for the nurse, which I couldn't do, because I was in such a weakened condition...

GEORGE: Right. Were you still hemorrhaging at that time too?

BETTY: Apparently that's when the hemorrhage had begun again, because it was during surgery, and they repaired it and then it started again. And I didn't have the energy to call for the nurse. I felt my legs, my arms, dying, and then suddenly there was this... I heard a pop, a sound, and I was out of my body -- up at the ceiling. And I turned and looked down and I could see myself lying there, which startled me tremendously, because there wasn't one moment of lost consciousness. Ever. I was just suddenly there out of my body. There was no pain, I didn't feel anything physical after that point, and I looked at my body... I had worked in hospitals before, studying to be an RN, so I came down to look at the body, and I could see that I had died.

GEORGE: You had that... Were your eyes open or closed, do you know?

BETTY: My eyes were actually closed...

GEORGE: They were. Okay.

BETTY: And I observed myself for a little bit, and then my spirit left the hospital to go home for a little bit to see my family... I thought about my family, and I was worried about my children... My youngest was five, and the oldest was fifteen. My husband was home caring for them while I was in the hospital, and I thought it was kind of amusing because I knew I was dead, but I looked around to see how I would exit...

GEORGE: And were you alone there in the hospital?

BETTY: I was alone in the room, uh-huh. And I went through the window, and traveled from the hospital to my home, and I could see my husband sitting in the chair -- he was reading the newspaper -- and the children were running all over the place. It was a quarter to ten, and he had not put them to bed as he had promised, and I was just a little bit annoyed at that. And I was concerned for them, but I could look at each one and see into their lives, how their lives would ultimately work out, and I knew that they were fine without me.

GEORGE: And you were sure at that point that you had died? This wasn't just in your mind... you were thinking it was a dream or anything like that?

BETTY: No, not at all. I don't how to explain this reality; it's... you know, I'm right on the phone here talking with you on the radio, and this seems real to us, but the experience I had was even clearer than what I'm experiencing right now with you. It is a heightened awareness, and not for one minute did I doubt that I was dead, that what I was experiencing was real. I knew I wasn't hallucinating... I had actually hallucinated after one of my pregnancies, and I know what that feels like, and of course I dream all the time, so I know what that is...

GEORGE: Now was this the kind of death you had imagined when you were a human being and you were fully alive?

BETTY: Not at all. No, not at all. Nothing like this at all. I was raised up as a Catholic in my youth, and my belief system had Catholic/Protestant... I went to various churches... pretty much at this age, 31, I believed that when you died you were buried and you stayed there until resurrection day, that the mind would be blank: you're dead.

GEORGE: Well you didn't believe in the soul, in the hereafter?

BETTY: Only after the resurrection.

GEORGE: Ah! So you didn't think there was a separation immediately after death.

BETTY: Not at all, no, not all. So it was a shock to me just to see that not for one second did I lose consciousness, but I was aware at all times. And even greater awareness than what we experience here.

GEORGE: How long were you medically dead?

BETTY: I was aware of being dead from... again, I was in my house at a quarter to ten... so possibly just before that until about 2:30 a.m. in the morning. So it would be about... close to four hours.

GEORGE: Four hours. Now, without any brain function at all? I mean, my thought was, here you are... your physical body without oxygen just after a few minutes the brain starts to die...

BETTY: Yeah, well your spirit doesn't need a brain...

GEORGE: Yeah, but your physical body does... And here you are talking to me now after four hours of being clinically dead. Nothing happened to you?

BETTY: To the body? You know, God can restore your body any way he wants to. I really have no answer for that except for that, during the twenty-five years of research, many, many people have experienced death, and for much longer periods than the four hours that I experienced, so it's kind of embarrassing to even talk about that...

GEORGE: Well, I'm wondering... because this is fascinating... I'm wondering, Betty, if possibly, even though you may have separated from your physical body, if for some reason the brain, physical brain, is functioning, albeit even at a low vibration, where it's still being kept alive, so to speak. So maybe you're dead by all clinical purposes, but there's something biological going on that still keeps that brain going.

BETTY: You know, anything like that is possible. One thing I've learned, and that is that there are no absolutes, and for me to so that, no, that isn't a possibility, that would be absolutely crazy, wouldn't it?

GEORGE: Okay. So, here you are, you're looking at your home, your children are running around, you're dead... at this point, does it seem to bother you that you've died?

BETTY: Yes, I was bothered -- at that moment I was concerned about my children.

GEORGE: But not YOU!

BETTY: No. No, not me at all. Not at that point. I was very puzzled, and curious about what was happening to me, but it seemed the longer I was out of my body, the more accepting I was of what I was experiencing; in fact, I wanted to continue to experience the feeling of, well... it just felt...

GEORGE: Was it euphoric?

BETTY: It was euphoric. It was a... I had a sense of release from something that had been terribly burdensome to me before. It was just a wonderful a being out of the body.

GEORGE: Like being on a great vacation, you just don't want to go back home yet.

BETTY: (laugh) Absolutely. That's what I felt like. It was just awesome. I wanted to go on. In fact, I felt compelled to. And I went back to the hospital, and I heard this sound of chimes and music... it was very compelling. It drew me into what then appeared to be a tunnel, that was very comfortable. I was traveling for some time and then came to this dark space -- it was pitch black, blacker than anything I have ever experienced. I love to camp, and sometimes out in wooded areas in the deep forest, it will get like that during the late night. And it was like that in this experience. I felt that there were many other spirits who were... like me, they were in this space. In fact, animals were there as well.

GEORGE: You could sense that, or see that?

BETTY: Oh, I could sense it; I couldn't see them. But I could sense them. And I felt a tremendous amount of love. Love that I never felt, ever, before.

GEORGE: And you felt no evil at this point.

BETTY: No evil. Nothing but peace. I felt as though I was being bathed in comforting warmth, in love, being cleansed, purified... I don't know... it was very healing, and if I had not traveled beyond this point, I would say that I would want to stay in this place, this space, wherever it was or is, I would want to stay there forever. That's how wonderful it was.

GEORGE: Was there a recollection of sound, sound that we know it, at least on this planet, this plane?

BETTY: There were melodies and tones that I wouldn't recognize here on earth. I mean, the tones are pure, and sweet, and healing. They are not like the tones we have here.

GEORGE: Almost like vibrations?

BETTY: Very much vibrations. Because they penetrate the spirit.

GEORGE: When you were in this... I'll call it a dimension, right now... when you were in this dimension, do you recollect going through darker dimensions to get to it, or did you just seem to appear in this one?

BETTY: No, I went straight there.


BETTY: Then I saw a pinpoint of light, and this light just pierced this blackness. And it looked at first as if it came toward me, but on reflection I may have begun to travel toward it. I knew that I could move to it, because of some connection I had with it. And I traveled very quickly, and this was even at a more rapid pace than I had traveled before. And it seemed to take some time. And as I approached the light -- it wasn't like a beam of light that would flow out to me, or like a light bulb -- it was actually a being of light that I came to. And when I got close to this light, I recognized the being of light. And when I saw who it was -- and this is the part that probably shocked me more than any other part of the experience, in that I was so frightened of God, I was frightened of anything religious, because I'm part Native American, and during the early times of my life, I was raised in Catholic boarding schools and taught that not only as a Native American... of course, being a Native American they said I was a heathen, and I was also a sinner, and that I would never get to heaven, just for that reason alone. And of course any sin that I would commit would keep me even further from that.

GEORGE: Recorded in the Big Book up there, right?

BETTY: (laughing) It was recorded in my Big Mind -- it was just there. And so when I saw him, what stunned me was that I recognized him. I knew him before I came to earth.

GEORGE: What did he look like?

BETTY: He was tall; he was magnificent in appearance...

GEORGE: Human looking?

BETTY: Human looking. Although many of the features were not distinguishable because of the light. I recognized him perhaps more through his essence, what I had experienced with him before. Although there were some physical features that made him human. And at some point I began to run to him, running like you would run to someone that you've loved forever.

GEORGE: Now running in terms of this spiritual body you were in?

BETTY: Yes, uh-huh. Yes. And he opened his arms, and I ran into his arms, and I said, "I'm home. I'm home. I'm finally home. And I never, ever, want to leave you again." And I said that in a way in which I... I'm embarrassed in a way, but I have tell it as I experienced it... and I felt as though I was chastising him in some way. And he laughed. And I... (tearfully) I just loved him so much. I'm sorry. When I talk about this, I cannot... I cannot recall it without in some way re-experiencing the experience again.

GEORGE: It's pretty emotional for you, huh.

BETTY: Yes, it was beautiful. Because of the great love, and unconditional love.

GEORGE: How do you know this wasn't an angelic experience here, as opposed to a godly, even though it's probably very close to one and the same?

BETTY: Because I knew who he was. And I knew that I had always known him. And I'll be honest with you, having been raised in a dysfunctional environment, who would love the God that I was raised to worship? I didn't. I didn't want to believe what was taught me, I mean, I was raised in that environment from the age of four, and so there was tremendous amount of fear. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to. I wouldn't want to be in the presence of anyone who would do harm to another soul on this earth.

GEORGE: Now were there other spirits all around you, Betty, at this time, at this point?

BETTY: Not at that time. Just me and him. And I knew that he was Jesus. And I called him Jesus.

GEORGE: Alright, well, I want to find out at this point, when we come right back, how you got back into your physical body. I mean, if you were indeed dead for four hours, what got you back into your physical body? Why did that happen? Why didn't you stay dead?

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GEORGE: And my guest tonight, Betty Eadie. She died, she came back. A little bit later on in the program tonight, we'll open up the phone lines not only to chat with her, but perhaps you had one of your near-death experience stories you might want to share with us as well.

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