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A Ripple Effect
of "Embraced"
and of pure love.

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Dear Betty,

On April 5, 1998, Christin, a beautiful nineteen year old, died trying to save her brother's dog. She was "dog sitting" so that her brother and his fiancÚ (my daughter) could go to the Gulf Coast. The dog, Zack, had slipped out of her apartment. She searched for quite some time before finding him on a busy highway. He had been hit by a car but was alive. A truck was approaching, and in an attempt to prevent Zack from being hit again, Christin stood out in the road over him and tried to wave it down. The truck was unable to stop and hit them. Christin and Zack left this world together.
Several months before her death, I had loaned Christin one of my copies of "Embraced by the Light." During the last conversation we had together, she told me, "I'll never again be afraid of dying after having read 'Embraced by the Light.'"
Christin was so touched by your book, that her parents buried her with a hard back edition in her hands; the copy that she had requested and received from her parents for Christmas (her last Christmas).
We wanted you to know what an impact you had in Christin's life and on those who had to deal with losing her. I have just completed a Memorial website for Christin and would consider it an honor, if you would one day visit and sign the guestbook. It would mean the world to her parents, and I know it would please Christin.
Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your wonderful book and for how it, too, has changed my life.

Kathleen Brackin


Christin Cosby's courage and unselfish act of love is truly moving. Not only did she give her life in attempting to save a beloved pet, but through organ donation, her heart and her sight now help someone else to live and to see. Christin gave her all. And the memories she left not only touch the hearts of her family and closest friends, but touch the souls of all those who learn of her.
My heart was deeply moved when I visited her memorial site. For this reason, I want to share it with you. It takes some time to download, but I encourage you to take the time and visit this site. You will not leave it unmoved.
I want to thank Kathleen Brackin and the Cosby Family for making Embraced By The Light a part of their tribute to Christin. You will find it pictured, with mention, at the site and under the title "Accident."

Betty J. Eadie

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