Report of Betty J. Eadie's visit
to the AASAC Community Church
in Columbus, Ohio

In Loving Memory of
Pastor Yusef T. Weston

"God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and glory!"

So sang the AASAC Community Church choir when Betty spoke there last month during a most enjoyable and successful trip to Columbus, OH. In that service, and in several other events on the tour, the spirit the choir sang about was present in a powerful way. Many hearts were touched and many lives were changed.

The African American Spiritual Awareness Crusade Community Church is a small but growing church that uses Embraced by the Light as one of their most important teaching tools. Its beloved minister, Pastor Yusef Weston, is a dynamic man who cares passionately about the community and diligently seeks the fullness of God's truth. Pastor Weston and his congregation gave Betty a wonderful welcome when she spoke at a Saturday morning worship service that was a real treat for everyone's spirit. The congregation truly does know how to make "a joyful noise unto the Lord!" By the time Betty finished sharing her message of God's unconditional love, there were smiles and hugs and tears of joy all around.

The following Monday held another treat in store for Betty, as she went to a local grade school to watch an assembly conducted by the J.J. Brothers the authors of the special children's book, The Adventures of Caterpillar Jones. The J.J. Brothers (Joe, Jim and Jon) have a special calling to help kids see life (and reading) as an adventure instead of something to be dreaded. A J.J. Brothers assembly is a special event; Joe, Jim and Jon were a big hit with the young students, as well as with Betty.

The high point of the Columbus trip came on Monday night, when Betty spoke at East High School in an event sponsored by AASAC. The sweet, joyful presence of the Spirit was again evident throughout the evening, which featured high-energy performances by a delightful children's choir, a rafter-raising Gospel choir, and an inspiring drum and dance ensemble. During her impassioned talk to the audience gathered in the auditorium, Betty challenged everyone to expand their hearts and minds to receive deeper truths about life and death. She exhorted them to reject judgmental attitudes and create positive ripples in the lives of their families, their church, and the community. Each of us, Betty explained, are eternally connected to each other as children of God, even if we chose to come to earth as different races. The presentation was one of Betty's most moving and insightful talks; the audience gladly received the message she was inspired to share. Many eyes and hearts were opened that night, and person after person sought Betty out after the event to say how her words had changed their lives. Only God knows how many healing ripples of love and understanding were started that night, but it was obvious that many positive ripples had been set in motion. It was a fitting close to a trip that was filled with love and light.

Pastor Yusef T. Weston
welcomes Betty J. Eadie

On behalf of AASAC Community Church, I'm happy to take this time tonight to welcome all of you to the effects of the "Ripple" as it pertains to Columbus, Ohio. Like many of you, I first became aware of Betty Jean through her first book, "Embraced By The Light". Affected by her refreshing spiritual material which confirmed and answered many of my own personal questions, I was eager for more. "The Awakening Heart" did just that. As spiritual truths leaped off the pages, I cried, I laughed and I prayed, and the Spirit of God within me began to expand, much like that "new wine" spoken of in the Gospels.
Unable to keep such inspirational and life changing information to myself, her books became our texts alongside of the Bible for Bible Study. Not satisfied with "rippling" only within our congregation, the Spirit prompted me to contact her in hopes she would consider coming to Columbus and spreading God's message of unconditional love to a larger and far more reaching audience.
With our community in disarray in regards to accusations of racial profiling amongst the police department, discrimination within our school system and nation against nation on the global scene, I believe Mrs. Eadie's visit will have a tremendous impact on the spiritual attitude of our city. I believe our city is hungry for this message from a woman of God of Betty's magnitude.
My hope and prayer is that Betty's presence will cause a fresh ripple throughout Columbus. Our church is located in the north Linded McKinley area where it is not uncommon fo find a .38 calliber slug outside the church walls. Tonight my brothers and sisters, I ask for your help. We must understand that there is no me with you, and no you without me. We are not just a reflection of each other, but of God. How we treat each other, in reality, is how we are treating God.
Tonight during our intermission, it is needful for us to lift a love offering. Our admission fee only offsets the expense incurred in bringing Betty to us. Through your love offering, a vision will continue for your fellow brothers and sisters in the North Linden area who don't know or haven't experience the love in a "Ripple Effect". As AASAC I am proud to say we are changing the face of our community, but there is still so much more to do. Your needed assistance will help us in our pursuit of a vacant hardware store adjacent to our current porperty, which we will use as a community cultural arts center. This center will be a key focal point, allowing us to "ripple" every day versus two days of the week. Perhaps some of you may have an expertise or experience which could benefit the yout and old. Volunteers are needed; it's not always about giving money.
Tonight, I humbly ask you for both. In turning to God I was turned to Betty, in turning to Betty, I was also turned to you. Columbus, Ohio, your presence tonight opens the door to tremendous opportunity to create our own awesome "ripple". I know we will not fail; there is too much love here.
A special thanks to Mrs. Eadie, her son, Tom, AASAC Community Church and all of you for taking time out from your busy schedules to come.



Written by Betty 11/6/04

On Wednesday, the night of the eclipse, Pastor Weston's spirit visited me. We had been in constant contact since his latest health crises, and he asked if I would be with him when he passed. I promised him that I would, but I came down with the flu and had to postpone traveling to him. I still had the flu when my daughter Cheryl became ill. I was standing on the balcony of the hotel where I was staying observing the eclipse when I heard the Pastor speak to me. He said: "It is as you said it would be, Sister Betty; I am in the arms of the Lord." I was in disbelief of what I heard, not wanting it to be true.

Later, on the phone, I told his brother that Pastor Weston had visited me but I didn't know whether that visit happened on the day he died, but that I recalled his visit was when I watched the eclipse. His brother cried with joy and confirmed that my visit with Yusef had actually taken place the day he died: October 27th at 1:30 PM. I miss my sweet brother dearly and know that each passing day will increase that loss. But, I also know the joy of release that being in the spirit can bring.

I know our beloved Pastor Weston finished his work and is now preparing for his greater work; a work that can only come with achievement of this earthly life. On behalf of all of us who knew him, we ask that our Father bless Pastor Yusef in his new adventure, and we look forward to reuniting with him when we return to our true Home.

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