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Letter from Miriam Horrocks

This letter was originally published in the Embraced By The Light Newsletter, Spring 2002 issue. I feel it is important to share it here in remembrance of 9/11, of the tragic losses inflicted upon lives and especially lives of families, yet also in remembrance of the strength of faith, hope, and belief in God which sees us through even the worst of tragedies.

Betty J. Eadie
September, 2006

Dear Betty,

Our nation lost many brave souls on September 11, 2001. My husband, Michael Robert Horrocks, was one of those souls. He was the first officer on United flight 175; the second plane to strike the World Trade Center. Michael and I loved each other very much and lived every day with this in mind. Michael and I have two small children. Christa is nine and Mick (Michael) is six. We had a terrific marriage. He was an incredible husband and father. His love knew no bounds. He called us on September eleventh from the cockpit prior to takeoff to wake our children with a song and tell us he loved us. God gave us that one last gift and memory.
Since then I have been struggling with so much. I have so many questions and so much pain. Several weeks after that tragic day a friend left your book Embraced By The Light in my mailbox. I had received several books on grief and recovery, but yours was the only one I could focus on. I found such comfort and guidance in your experiences; it was as though you were writing directly to me.
For all of America it has been four months since the terrorist attacks on our country. Four months since Americans sat mesmerized in front of their televisions watching the horrifying results of what was happening to our country. This was the aftermath of what we had created with our apathy and lack of compassion and love for our world and each other.
For me, these four months seem an eternity. It has been four months since I have seen Michael's smile. Four months since I have heard his laughter. Four months since I have felt the warmth of his embrace. And, four months since I watched him hug, hold and play with his two beautiful children. Though we feel him in our lives everyday and cherish the memories God has blessed us to have, we look forward to our future with him in heaven. We feel blessed to have been a part of the plan God laid out for us.
Michael's death was only part of that plan. I do not believe that what happened on September 11th was God's punishment for us, but rather that he allowed it to happen in order to help us find our cherished Godlike qualities that we keep buried inside of us. It is part of God's plan to help us grow.
My husband is a perfect example of what a beautiful spirit is and what one can achieve both on earth and in heaven. He was in this life so very close to all those qualities we strive to achieve. He was an involved, adoring father, a gentle and devoted husband, a loyal and fun friend, and a loving brother and son. He gave his love freely and believed that a man is not judged by how much he can love, but by how much he is loved by others. If you give love without any conditions or stipulations; you will receive it back in abundance. He gave and he received.
I want you and the whole world to know that I have felt and continue to feel the ripple of Michael's goodness and love. Our friends, neighbors and family have surrounded us, shopped for us, cooked for us, prayed for us, cried with us and openly loved us. Through all of this I have struggled to keep our lives very private. I have refused television appearances and rejected newspaper interviews. Yet, somehow the picture of me holding my son at Michael's service had the power to move a nation. Our photo appeared in national and worldwide publications. At first I was upset that such a private moment was shared. Then I realized God wanted us to share our grief whether we wanted to or not. God was crying with me.
Beautiful letters began to pour in. Letters expressing deep sympathy, pain and sorrow. There were words of prayer, encouragement and healing. The American people were crying with us. I have been blessed since I entered this earth to be surrounded by love, generosity, and prayers. I only realized this in September of 2001. Prayers cannot bring Michael back, but they have eased my pain and reunited me with my loving father in heaven.
We, the Horrocks family, have been the recipients of God's love, fleshed out in all of his children. We may not be the focus of American prayers and aid any longer. That is okay. But as God's people, joined as one, we can't afford to lose our momentum. We must remember that each of us struggles, at some time, with our own personal tragedy. We as a whole must look for opportunities that may not be as blatant as terrorist attacks to reach out and love one another. We must try to ease our brothers and sisters struggle as they find their way back to God. We must continue to love one another through our actions and prayers. Through these actions and prayers we can make a difference. We must make a difference.
Michael left this world and anyone who knew him can honestly say he made a difference. He wanted a simpler, more loving and gentle world for his children. He and thousands of other brave souls have begun a tremendous ripple of love, sacrifice and compassion. Please, Betty, do not let it end here. Let us all join together to take this ripple and create a powerful wave of love. Let us stand united in God's love.

God Bless You,


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