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In Remembrance

What You Can Do: A Ten-Point List
  Our lives have been altered by terror and tragedy. We are in shock and feel uncertainty and trepidation about our future. But now is the time to get to work. We cannot simply sit back and watch the unfolding events with feelings of horror and fear. Our strengths are needed by loved ones and by the larger community. For our own spiritual and emotional welfare, we need to engage our best energies in meaningful ways. Here is a list of practical things to do in the wake of this attack. This is the time for those with greater spiritual awareness and strength to step forward. This is the time to let our lights shine all the brighter. NOTE: Websites linked to on this page may no longer exist. They contain some material and/or views not wholly endorsed by Betty J. Eadie or Onjinjinkta Publishing, but they do include content of value to our topic.
  1. Fill your own cup first

Look first to your own spiritual and emotional needs. Get your own inner spirit in tune with God. Through prayer and meditation, examine your feelings and your sense of connectedness to him. Enlist his help in reducing your fears and other negative emotions. Replace these with faith and a sense that you are in God's loving hands regardless of what happens. Enlarge your reserves of love and heavenly strength so that you can extend these to others. Increase personal time for prayer and meditation in your daily routine. Recommit yourself to being a source of light and love to those around you. Open your mind and heart to the divine guidance so needed at this time.

Tips for coping with disaster or loss (links will open in a new window)

  2. Connect with loved ones

Touch bases with each family member individually. Express openly your unconditional love and your gratitude that he or she is safe (since terrorism can strike anywhere). Offer comfort and encouragement and make sure they know you are there for them. Communicate with them now, by phone or by hand-written letter. Don't let too many days pass before doing this. Your children, brothers and sisters, and parents will appreciate reaffirmation of your love for them. Close friends will, too. Let all those who are closest to you feel your compassion and your strength in God.

  3. Strengthen the family

Take advantage of opportunities to be together at home. Consider inviting extended family for a special meal. Be a beacon of love and light and hope through words and actions. Pray together and read aloud from whatever sacred writings match your beliefs. Discuss and reinforce basic principles of morality and goodness. Decide together what appropriate act of community service you can do as a family. Then follow through by making specific plans and then carrying them out.

Resources for families

  4. Be watchful over youth

Be aware of how children and youth are affected. They are very impressionable and need your example of courage and faith. Spread your influence by volunteering at a school or community youth organization. A greater presence of caring adults in these days will help children feel secure. Actively participate in parent's organizations. Attend school board meetings. Volunteer to help with church youth programs. Watch for ways you can be of strength to single-parent kids who may need the caring influence of a same-gender adult.

Helping children cope

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

  5. Be a source of service, unity and goodwill

In your neighborhood. Be more aware of what's happening in your neighborhood. Comfort and help any who might be affected personally by tragedy. Find ways to strengthen bonds among all your neighbors. You may need to depend on each other in a future times of trouble. Consider hosting a social gathering or a project to clean up and beautify your street. We may not be able to help clean up New York City, but we can restore order and beauty to our own surroundings. Watch for opportunities to provide service of any kind to your neighbors and friends. Check up on the elderly or invalids living near you, or people living alone. Become more active in your neighborhood's association.

In your community. Join local efforts to raise relief funds. Instigate or support church or work-related efforts to help people cope or to generate feelings of unity and solidarity. Generally be an example of goodwill towards all, regardless of race, religion, or social standing. Be especially vigilant against reprisals or violence upon our Arab or Islamic communities. Speak out or act against injustice whenever you see it. Be more openly friendly and caring. Lend a hand to the stranger. Be a peacemaker wherever you go.

  6. Contribute to immediate needs of victims and their families

Be aware of victims or families of victims in your city. Contact your local social and humanitarian agencies to offer assistance or donate money. Consider taking up a collection at your place of work.

To donate blood or tissue to the Red Cross

Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE

To donate money for immediate needs (donate by mail or online to charity of choice)

Donate to the American Red Cross

Donate Now!
  7. Enlist in a long-term cause

Keep your resolve alive to contribute positively to society. Volunteer in a long-term cause of your choice. Consider giving two hours a week to community service.

To find volunteer opportunities in your own community

  8. Stay informed

Be up-to-date with current information. Become familiar with various broadcasting and internet resources. Staying informed will help give you a sense of control. It will also help you make sound choices and be a resource to others.

  9. Be a conscientious patriot

Fly the flag. Purchase and donate flags where they may be wanted. Increase your own feelings of gratitude for the blessings of our constitution, our freedoms, our way of life. Pass your feelings of patriotism to your children and grandchildren. Help them understand what makes our country great. Foster in them a love for our nation and for the principles which founded it. Pray for our nation's future and for our leaders. Recognize that our nation and its policies are not perfect. Study the broader issues behind this tragedy. Examine how they relate to our everyday lives and to universal principles of morality and justice. Call for reforms in U.S. policy where it is needed. Let your voice of reason be heard to lawmakers. You can make a difference.

How to contact Congress

  10. Lead others to God

In the wake of the attack on America, people are experiencing a profound need for spiritual comfort and leadership. Many who have never prayed are now uttering prayers. Sales of self-help books are climbing. People are attending church, some for the first time. Everywhere, men, women, and children are seeking answers about God, about life and death. This presents many opportunities for those with faith and understanding to reach out. We must share what we know with courage and confidence. People not yet sure in spiritual truth can be supported and guided by those who are sure until they come into their own understanding. Consider joining or hosting a prayer gathering. Start a spirit-oriented book club or discussion group. Express openly your belief and faith in God at every opportunity. These times are so very uncertain. But you can reduce fear and panic by your influence. Open your heart to guidance from the Father, and he will use you to make a difference.

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