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A note from Betty J. Eadie

"If there's anything I can do to help you get your message out, just let me know!" So many of you have made this offer through letters, email and phone calls, and it always warms my heart to know that you are eager to spread the message of God's unconditional love. Until now, my response has always been to ask you to pray for me and to share my books with others as you feel inspired to do so. Now, I need your help in a new way. I've begun an organized volunteer effort called Warring Angel Volunteers on Earth or W.A.V.E.S to provide active opportunities for readers and friends to get involved. I give it this name because many people, in offering their support, have said to me, "I feel like one of your Warring Angels, Betty!" They refer, of course, to my description in Embraced By The Light of the real warring angels I saw in heaven. Shortening it to W.A.V.E.S is symbolic of the ripple effect and of our combined efforts of prayer and service which will cause ripples to swell into waves of goodness and love. These wash across the world and bring healing and light to many souls.

Wherever I travel, I meet enthusiastic readers and friends. I see the powerful ripples they create in the lives of neighbors, friends, and family. I know they carry on the work of sharing God's hope and love after I leave their cities, and I feel inspired to capture and strengthen that effort by establishing W.A.V.E.S in every city and town.

What You Can Do

By uniting our talents, we can reach out in a bigger way.
I encourage you to explore your own heart and determine what you can do as a W.A.V.E. to make a difference where you live. I encourage you to join with other W.A.V.E.S in your area or to begin a group of your own. You could meet monthly or as often as you desire. You might select a name for your W.A.V.E.S group to set you apart and identify yourselves in a unique way. Once the group is established, the goal is to go about doing good in your community, giving service, lifting souls, and spreading God's love in ways fitting your talents, energies, and desires. Whether as part of a group or on their own, here are some ideas of what W.A.V.E.S might do:

  • Visit the Embraced By The Light Prayer Page daily and pray for those who have left requests
  • Start a reading group at a local bookstore or in a home to discuss spiritually uplifting books
  • Contribute your efforts to local volunteer organizations
  • Visit hospitals or care facilities, bringing comfort, companionship, or prayer to someone in need
  • Take notice of widows, the aged, or single parents in your neighborhood and offer caring support in simple ways
  • Visit or write letters of comfort and encouragement to the grieving or those who may be far from home
  • Begin a prayer group
  • Choose a worthy cause and help raise funds
  • Support community efforts to maintain high moral values in your area
  • Share your successes with other W.A.V.E.S groups by participating here online.

W.A.V.E.S Online

For the most part, W.A.V.E.S will direct themselves in carrying out their own good works. God is pleased when we use our own initiative to serve him and others. Because there are many possibilities and ways to serve, we encourage the sharing of ideas and successes for the benefit of other W.A.V.E.S. To facilitate sharing, we have established this area of my website just for W.A.V.E.S. It will become a growing online community and a valuable source of help and suggestions for carrying out various activities appropriate to our cause. Here you can post important announcements and share in the successes and challenges of W.A.V.E.S everywhere. The message board will be password protected and will be devoted to the purposes and needs of W.A.V.E. volunteers.

How To Sign Up

To become a registered W.A.V.E., go to the sign up page and enter your name and other information. You will then be taken to a confirmation page that will give you an address to add to your email contacts. A welcome and W.A.V.E.S message board instructions are sent monthly via email.

It is my sincere hope that this effort will serve Our Loving Father in new and greater ways—that by our combined energies and talents, those who are lost and sorrowful and fearful in our world may be led to God, to His love and His joy. I thank you for accepting my invitation and for joining with me in this loving service.

Betty J. Eadie




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