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The WAVES came about from a vision I had where I was shown the powerful effects of prayer created by Warring Angels on Earth. I included the vision in my second book, The Awakening Heart, then acted upon the vision when many letters began to come from those I “knew” would be a part of this effort.

Betty's WAVES Vision
One night I was awakened from sleep. I felt the presence of angels around me. It wasn't the stillness I had experienced before, the "knowing" feeling of "All is well. Go back to sleep." This was intense, a feeling of deeper purpose. My surroundings seemed to fade, and I suddenly found myself remembering a vision that had been given to me three years before. I was on a large ship. The ship was filled with all the people in the world. There was a lot of gaiety in the middle of the ship, where people were drinking and dancing. The people surrounding them joined in on occasion, but otherwise were less involved. As I continued to look around, I saw that the two rows of people along the edge of the ship were more serious-minded in appearance. The outside row wore no smiles at all, but looked deeply concerned. Every now and then they would look out toward the sea and then lean inward and whisper into the ears of those in the inner rows. It was a curious behavior. When I glanced directly behind me, I noticed that I was looking straight into the sea and that I was one of those on the outer edge of the ship.

The sea suddenly became turbulent. The water's color went from a dark blue to an angry, muddy brown. I looked over my right shoulder and saw the edge of the earth, and noticed that the ship was being tossed in its direction. I tried screaming out, but no one could hear me—the laughter from the middle of the ship was too loud. I began to pray, clasping my hands together tightly until they hurt. "Father, oh, Father," I prayed, "Save us. Many have not learned of your love, how could they behave other than they do?" The sky roared with thunder and lightening, and the ship began to rock and turn until we were moving sideways. I looked again toward the sea and saw that we had come to the edge of the world.

The people along the outer edge of the ship began to pray as I was, crying out to God in loud pleas. The ones who had been laughing stopped. They now began to scream out, begging God to spare them. The sky, though still blackened with heavy clouds, scrolled back to expose the brightest light imaginable, and we saw the wonders of heaven. We "knew" that God wanted to show us these things but could not do so without getting our full attention. He wanted us to be spared a disastrous end. He wanted us to know that he cared for us, and that he loved us.

The ship stopped moving sideways and turned to reverse itself. The sky suddenly became clear, and the water smoothed then turned blue again. I knelt and began to thank and praise God for allowing me to live long enough to see this incredible miracle. The others along the ship's outer edge praised God as I did, and a ripple effect of our prayers of praise and thanks spread inward, until the majority of people aboard ship were worshipping God. It wasn't long, though, before the sounds of worship changed, and the dancing and loud music began again. I looked at the men and women around the edge of the ship, and I knew that God had placed them there as warring angels, who had knowledge and faith in God. These earthly angels, through their prayers and efforts, would do battle against Satan. They were just people like me, who believed in God and loved him enough to give their lives to his service. As I looked at them, I knew them, and they me. There were many thousands of us there.

(The Awakening Heart pp. 86-88)

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